14 Seconds

Do me a favor. Stop whatever it is you’re doing, grab your watch, and feel 14 seconds tick by… Now imagine that you’re a professional athlete, you’ve trained for years for one moment in time, your shot at gold, but unfortunately, you can only last 14 seconds (just […]

War Damn Lucky

Despite our letdown of a football season, the buzz here on the plains has been nonstop. From the hiring of Gus Malzahn, Bruce Pearl, and recently Will Muschamp, Auburn has managed to continually find golden opportunities fall at their footsteps. While many won’t admit it, we’ve been the […]

The Armchair All-Americans

Hello and Welcome to The Armchair All-Americans. We are an elite group of journalists from around the country and from many different walks of life and backgrounds. Well when I say “elite” what I really mean to say is that we are unique. We are former athletes, current […]