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Buckeye Hopefuls this Weekend

Feature Photo Credit: NBC 4, WCMH-TV Columbus

Five Buckeyes were taken in the first round of the NFL Draft on Thursday Night, and many more hope to become a part of an NFL organization this weekend. Tonight, Friday night, the second and third rounds begin at 7 PM ET. The remainder of the draft, rounds four through 7, will continue at noon ET on Saturday. This article will list the remaining Buckeyes and break down why I think they could be successful at the next level.

Vonn Bell – DB, 5-foot-11, 199 lbs.

Vonn Bell

Bell intercepting a Tajh Boyd pass in the 2014 Orange Bowl (Photo Credit: Streeter Lecka, Getty Images)

Bell, an All-American for the Buckeyes, has a knack for playing the ball well. With good
speed and natural instincts, he is usually able to make nice plays from the defensive secondary. Although he isn’t great at stopping the run, I think Bell would be a very good addition to any team who is looking to strengthen their pass defense.

Jacoby Boren – C, 6-foot-1, 286 lbs.

Jacoby Boren, a central Ohio product, hopes to hear his name called sometime during this weekend. Many teams will shy away from Boren due to his lack of size. One thing that always impressed me about Boren was his toughness but sometimes in the NFL, that isn’t enough. If a team takes a chance on Jacoby Boren this weekend, he will have his work cut out for him if he hopes to play on Sundays.

Chase Farris – OT, 6-foot-4, 295 lbs.

Farris, another Buckeye whose future is in question. With his size and strength, it will be difficult for teams to pass up on him late in the draft. He also is very athletic for an offensive lineman which bodes well for his future in the league. Every team needs depth on the offensive line which is why I would be very surprised if Farris went undrafted this weekend.

Cardale Jones – QB, 6-foot-5, 253 lbs.

Cardale Jones was an absolute star here at Ohio State. A fun personality and someone that students love around campus. I see a future star in the NFL in Cardale Jones. He has incredible arm strength with very good accuracy as well on his passes. The thing I love the most about him though is his will to stay on his feet. It takes a barrage of defenders to bring him down and he even has the speed to out-run linebackers too. “12-Gauge” has the tools to be a very good quarterback at the next level and the team that steals him will be grateful that they did.

Go ahead and enjoy the durability and excitement of Cardale Jones below.


Jones spinning through “one of the best defenses of all-time” (Video Credit: Billy George; Youtube)


Cardale using his speed to blow by linebackers from again “one of the best defenses of all-time” (Video Credit: Billy George; Youtube)

Jalin Marshall – WR, 5-foot-10, 200 lbs.

I was very surprised when Jalin Marshall declared for the NFL Draft after this season. He is a very talented and athletic asset to have but I wasn’t and still am not quite sure that he is ready for this next level. Will he develop into a good wide receiver/punt returner? Probably, but I just don’t know when that will be. If he would have been a little more consistent in college, his draft stock might be a little higher, but as of right now, I have no idea where he will fall this weekend.

Braxton Miller – WR, 6-foot-1, 201 lbs.

Braxton, Braxton, Braxton. One of the most decorated and exciting Buckeyes ever. He made the transition from quarterback to wide receiver before this season after tearing the labrum in his throwing shoulder. Miller boasts a lot of speed and could be a great addition for any NFL organization. I think an offensive minded coach, *coughing noise* Chip Kelly *coughing noise*, could turn Braxton into a star at receiver with the many ways he could get the ball. I am very excited to see where he ends up this weekend.

Joshua Perry – LB, 6-foot-4, 254 lbs.

Here is a guy who brings great size and strength to the linebacker position but lacks speed to make big plays. Perry is extremely reliable though. At Ohio State, when a tackled was needed to be made and Josh Perry was near, it was pretty much certain that he would wrap up and bring the ball carrier down. At the next level, I think Perry will continue to be that reliable guy who wraps up and makes solid tackles, something that will help him see the field early in his career.

Tyvis Powell – S, 6-foot-2, 211 lbs.

Tyvis is a player who shows great ball skills and speed as well. Powell made some big plays for the Buckeyes throughout his career here and he looks to do the same on Sundays. The only downside I have about Powell is that he isn’t the best tackler out there. If he works to improve his form and become a more reliable tackler, he could turn into a great piece of an organization’s secondary.

Michael Thomas – WR, 6-foot-3, 212 lbs.

One of the most exciting playmakers that Ohio State had this past season, including this disgusting move that shattered NFL prospect Kendall Fuller’s ankles.

Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas shaking Kendall Fuller out of his shoes (Video Credit: OSU Overload; Youtube)

Thomas has very good speed and as you just saw, he can put on some moves too. He also has some nice hands that have hauled in some Cardale “bullets”. The place where Thomas struggled the most this year was when he was press covered. If he can figure this part of his game out, defensive backfields around the league need to watch out.

Nick Vannett – TE, 6-foot-6, 257 lbs.

Vannett is the classic, old-school, tight end that you want to have on your team. He has incredible hands and will secure the catch at all costs. Being a good blocking tight-end as well makes him a valuable asset for any team to have. I am very excited to see how good Vannett can be at the next level.

Adolphus Washington – DT, 6-foot-3, 301 lbs.

I was lucky enough to see Adolphus play for the first time as a high school athlete at Cincinnati Taft high school. The way he dominated the basketball court was very impressive and it came as no surprise that he was named the Ohio Basketball Gatorade Player of the Year in 2012. The joy I had watching him play basketball carried over to football Saturdays as he had a tremendous career as a Buckeye. With good speed and athleticism, he wreaks havoc on offensive lines. I can see Adolphus playing a backup role for the first year or two of his career and then developing into a special interior lineman if he lives up to his potential.

With one of the most talented and deep draft classes ever, the Buckeyes have a chance to set some crazy records this year. Ohio State currently holds the record for players selected in one draft at 14, set in 2004. If there was ever a year to break their own record, this would be it.

I will be back on Monday to recap the NFL Draft from an Ohio State perspective and update any free-agent signings as well.

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