Tigers OF Sent Down to Minors Following Gesture

Of all the thousands of young baseball players who experience the grind of the minor leagues without getting the call up to the show, who want nothing more than to throw on that jersey and respect the position they are in, Tyler Collins certainly did not make them proud.

Monday night, the Detroit Tigers centerfielder dropped a routine fly ball in the sixth inning in a 6-0 game against Oakland. Actually, it wasn’t even a drop. Collins appeared to have lost the ball in the lights, which rarely happens, but still happens to professionals.

Tigers fans went on to boo the 25-year-old after not just his drop, but his effort, or lack of effort to get the ball back into the Tigers infield. Collins went on to blame left fielder Justin Upton, and then proceeded to give the fans in Comerica Park the bird. Yes, he flipped off the entire stadium.

Appropriately this was all caught on national TV and outraged Tiger fans even more so after video revealed he also uttered vulgarities toward the home crowd. Quite a surprise knowing that most little leaguers would show more professionalism, but Collins apologized saying he “lashed out” in a heat of the moment type of situation.

However, Tiger fans won’t have to deal with Simmons playing, or his antics, in Detroit any time soon since Collins was sent back down to Triple-A Toledo on Wednesday.

Manager Brad Ausmus said in regards to Collins being sent down, “It has nothing to do with the other night. He was scuffling, we had K-Rod coming back and we felt like we could use an extra pitcher for the foreseeable few days, at least through the weekend.”

Collins was batting .100 before being sent down Wednesday afternoon.


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