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Juve Win 32nd Scudetto as Milan seeks win against Hellas Verona

On Sunday, Juventus earned themselves three points vs Fiorentina and Napoli lost 1-0 to Roma awarding the Turin side their 5th consecutive Serie A title. As always, there was controversy behind the Bionconero win as what would’ve been an equalizing goal from Bernardeschi was called offside, though the replay showed otherwise. The game ended 2-1 with goals from Mandžukic, and Morata for Juve and Kalinic for the Viola.


If you were a linesman standing with the last defender, would you have called offsides? Probably not. Credit: gazzettaworld.gazzetta.it

Controversy seems to be commonplace in games involving Juventus because a majority of big-time calls seem to go their way. Now, before any Juventus fans reading this get offended, I must address that I’m not denying that Juve is a good team because they get help from the refs. In fact, I believe they’re phenomenal. I’m an A.C. Milan fan and I enjoy watching Juventus play. Happy?

Juve obviously have talent and depth amongst their squad. It just so happens that they also have every referee in the Serie A in their back pockets. True Juventus fans will never admit to such a thing because they’re too thick-headed to do so, but it’s evident enough to the point that viewers don’t need confirmation from “The Old Lady” fan club. For the bandwagon Juve fans who are unaware, “The Old Lady” is “your team’s” nickname.

P.S., Juventus fans can’t call their team a European giant with two Champions League titles to their name. They have over 30 Scudettos? Great, they’re a dominant force in the league. Throughout the history of the Champions League, the one and only Italian team to make a mark in Europe is A.C. Milan. With a total of seven Champions League titles, Milan has the second most in the world compared to Juventus’s two. Juve’s Champions League final victories were in 1984-85 and 1995-96.

Speaking of, A.C. Milan visit Hellas Verona on Monday, April 25th seeking their second win under new manager Cristian Brocchi. Milan go into the match after a 0-0 home tie vs Carpi. Though Milan had a great showing, specifically between the midfield and back four, they simply couldn’t finish in the final third. Milan’s game consisted of quick passes, A LOT of possession, and they recovered lost balls unbelievably rapidly. There remains a lot of work to be done but Brocchi’s side demonstrated a glimpse of the new-and-improved style of play he promised to bring to the first team. Hellas Verona currently sits last in the table and will likely be relegated back to Serie B.



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