The Greatest Face Hits in Sports

Scott Sterling, star of viral soccer penalty kick parody video, returned to the internet on Monday. The man, the myth, the legend has garnered online celebrity status by continually getting hit in the face by sports balls. And in his most recent appearance, his brick wall face took on a volleyball:

There is no logical reason why this video should be funny, but it is absolutely hilarious. There is something cathartic about watching people get hit in the face. And so, in honor of this, I present ACAA’s official ranking of the greatest REAL face hits in sports.

Honorable Mentions

Before beginning, I want to take a second and recognize two moments which do not quite meet the restraints of this list, but are close enough to mention.

Jose Canseco Head Homer

In May of 1993, Rangers outfielder Jose Canseco played a fly ball just absolutely horribly.

Oblivious texter saved by fellow fan


(Christopher Horner/Twitter)

Just recently, on March 6 at the Braves spring training, a young fan was just barely saved from making this list outright.

The List

And without further ado, in descending order, the greatest face hits in the history of sports.

5. Having a bad day

Saskatchewan (no relation) lacrosse player Zack Greer faced an awful couple of seconds, receiving a ball to the face while almost simultaneously taking a punch to the face.

4. “Whoops”

Ukrainian tennis player Alexandr Dolgopolov made kind of a mistake at Wimbledon last year.


2. Fore!

Fox Sports reporter Pam Oliver took an unexpected football to the face in August 2013. She was okay, but it is kind of brutal to watch.


Could it have been anything else? Whether you are a fan or not, everyone loves watching one of the greats mess up. This may not have been LeBron’s fault, but it is great just to see that he is human. And also that he can get knocked to the ground by just a basketball.

So that is our list! Have a problem with the order? Did we miss any obvious ones? Let us know in the comments below.

(FYI: would have included Jim Rome V Jim Everett: Dawn of Journalism if we actually got to see a face shot)

To follow the author’s exploits retweeting videos like these, follow him @justjustin42.


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