The Soccer Power Half Hour: NLD Preview

This week brings a special edition of Armchair’s Soccer podcast, as Justin and I welcome Coleman Cox to help us break down the midweek PL fixtures, and more importantly, Saturday’s North London Derby.

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To go along with the podcast, SPHH brings you an article breaking down some of the major points we discussed.

First is what this game means for the title race. Since after the midweek fixtures not much has changed in the top four, a lot is at stake this weekend. If Leicester manage to take care of business against Watford, and this match ends in a draw or Arsenal win, Leicester will have a two-match cushion (five or six points) on the team in second place. However, if Spurs win, the gap stays at three points.

Second was the injury report. After Petr Cech was announced to be out Saturday alongside Laurent Koscielny, it seems as if Arsenal’s defense will be second string for this very important matchup. For Spurs, Jan Vertonghen is still out, but the big question is Moussa Dembele. In the two games he’s missed since Fiorentina, Spurs have been a worse team, but he’s a toss up to play, and his inclusion (or exclusion) has a big bearing on the result.

Due to these injuries, this game will end up going one of two ways tactically: either Arsenal will park the bus and try to counter, or it will be a free flowing game with a lot of scoring. Either way, fans of both teams are in for a close game and neutrals are in for a treat.

Finally, we laid down our predictions.

Sam: 5-4 Spurs. I think it’s much more likely to finish 3-2 Spurs, but 5-4 seemed more fun.

Justin: 3-2 Spurs.

Coleman: 2-2 Draw.

Thanks for listening.

When Sam Henschel was just a boy, his mama gave him a little toy. An Arsenal fan, on a string…


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