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See the faces behind the degenerate ramblings of our staff.  Our opinions are ours, and fortunately, ours only.  Check out The Armchair All-Americans on Twitter @ACAllAmericans.

Any inquiries about the Armchair All-Americans can be directed to or (225) 938-0827.

Writers are listed alphabetically by first name (click on name for more writing).


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I am Alec Lower and I am way too obsessed with NC State sports. I was born in Raleigh and have been making a fool of myself at NC State games ever since. A picture of me screaming and pointing at a ref was once posted on the website of a major Raleigh news outlet with the caption “a fan disagrees with a call.” I am a sophomore at State and compete for the Wolfpack on the college bass fishing circuit. The typical North Carolinian stereotype fits me pretty well, as someone who loves BBQ (which is a noun, not a verb), college sports, fishing, and tailgating. I’ve stuck with the Pack through their average years and their other average years, and here’s to some above average years ahead. Go Pack!

Twitter: @AlecLower

Andrew Stephens

I come from the land where the smell of corn dogs reign supreme.  I called Baton Rouge, Louisiana home for 18+ years until I visited Athens and there, I traded purple and gold for a much cleaner red and black.  Standing at about 6’8”, I am your quintessential “waste of athletic potential.” Although my freshman year high school basketball highlight tape turns heads, slowly, as I billow down the court. I am a senior at the University of Georgia double majoring in Finance and Sports Management. I’ll be here to provide some less than hot sports takes and facts like: Detroit is geographically east of Atlanta, and somehow, Jim Rome makes $30 million annually. As a die hard Dawgs, Cubs, Saints, and Pelicans fan, ‘the future’ is seemingly the only place I find success. Chances are, I don’t like your team.

Twitter: @StephensAndrew


Image 1-15-16 at 3.11 PM

I am Blake Niedenthal, or you can just call me Noc B. I am 21 years old and currently a junior at the University of Alabama majoring in Secondary Education and Social Sciences. I grew up in Birmingham, but was born in Miami. Even though I only lived their the first two years of my life, my dad grew up there and raised me to be a Miami sports fan, which I still am to this day. Being a short, chubby, Jewish kid, I was no good at playing sports growing up so here I am. Get to know me.

Twitter: @blakeniedenthal



I am Brian Scott Rippee. I am really bad at sports so I write about other people playing them. I once was mistaken by an opposing fan base for having a mental disorder after the student section at my high school stormed the court following a made 3-pointer by me that ended the game with an 81-30 score. My life has been a living example of how tragically frustrating and nearly impossible it is to be an Ole Miss fan. I enjoy long walks on the beach and can consume large amounts of pizza. If you’re cool you can follow me on Twitter to get a better look at my sarcastic take on sports and life. I would warn you not to take my tweets or me too seriously.

Twitter: @Rippee_2


ACAA profile pic

Being born and bred in Alabama, I might just be the most obnoxious Tide fan you ever come across. But there is no need to fret, for I was taught by the Bear that class is the highest quality of any Bama fan. While college sports are my main focus and passion, I do invest a lot of my fandom into a several professional underdogs, being the most attached to the New Orleans Saints. I have a slight obsession with women’s sports so I will be available to provide you with all the coverage of volleyball, gymnastics and softball that you never knew you wanted. Also, as the site’s Head of Digital Production (a self-given title) I post weekly videos to either teach you something or rant about the latest goings-on in sports.  You should probably prepare yourself because sports are not just a game for me. Roll Tide forever and always.

Twitter: @BamaBee13

YouTube: Bama Bee


Collin Photo

I am Collin Brister. I’m a senior for the second year in a row at Ole Miss. I plan on graduating in May in journalism, if my Spanish teacher cooperates.  I’m a Cubs, Lakers, and Ole Miss fan.  How those three have not put me in an alcoholic rehabilitation clinic is a miracle akin to someone walking on water.  I once got offered to play JUCO Baseball, and made it through a grand total of one day before deciding that nonsense was for someone else. I’m proficient in the art of playing XBOX for countless hours and binge watching House of Cards in a day.  I make bomb cookies and my mother hasn’t called me a failure yet.  A hot dog is not a sandwich.

Twitter: @CollinBrister


Connor Claussen

I am Connor and attend the University of Georgia. No, I am not a college athlete, a writer for a major organization on campus, or even have a connection with any team at UGA. I do love sports, college life, and received a rather impressive B+ in English 1101. Growing up in the suburbs of Atlanta with my father graduating from Georgia Tech, I unfortunately wore white and gold while cheering for the Yellow Jackets until I chose the Bulldogs. If you are looking for great insight and deep interviews filled with statistics, then I am not your writer. If you are looking for some interesting takes on certain stories with a little humor then I am more your type. Hopefully, I will be able to post a few blogs displaying the beauties of a few female backsides on Wednesday or a review of tailgate experiences with a story here or there. This blog is all about providing the younger generation a different view on sports with a college insight. I have some interesting stories planned for y’all so stay tuned.

Twitter: @ConnorClaussen


Evan Ertel

I was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL as a Mississippi State fan, so college football season was never easy. Given the Bulldogs’ storied football past and close geographical proximity to my hometown, somehow MSU was always the butt of all jokes. But at least I had my Jaguars fandom to save me! Oh… right… But I digress, there’s no feeling quite as fulfilling as your perennial loser of a team become a winner (#1 for five weeks, baby!). Welcome to the mind of a trained loser. Hail State and Go to Hell Ole Miss.

Twitter: @eertel904


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My name is Hunter Lovell and I am a freshman at LSU majoring in broadcast journalism.  I’ve lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana my entire life and have been a die-hard fan of the Bayou Bengals since I was a toddler.  Professionally, I follow the Saints, Pelicans, Wizards, Astros, and Braves.  I’m also an avid runner, so you might find me on a trail somewhere.

Twitter: @Hunter_Lovell23



My name is Jacob Walker and I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. As most engineering students do, I obviously love sports. Growing up in the diverse state of Alabama, football has become my favorite pastime. Soccer, baseball, and basketball are wonderful and great sports, but nothing will ever dethrone the king which is football. My favorite teams are Alabama, the Seattle Seahawks, the Portland Timbers, the Cavs and Heat, and the Braves. SEC bias starts here. Roll Tide and God bless.



Jake grew up in Austin, Texas.  He is now the last native Austinite.  He has to fight every day to keep all the immigrating Californians from calling Town Lake “Lady Bird Lake” or thinking that waiting 4 hours for BBQ at Franklins is worth it.  He covers MMA for ACAA because MMA is awesome.


Jeremiah Johnson

My name is Jeremiah Johnson, and I am a junior at the University of Alabama. So yes, I roll with the Tide.  I am a sports journalism major, and I have aspirations of becoming an ESPN broadcaster, writer and radio personality. I am tremendously blessed with the greatest friends and family one could ever ask for.  I like to incorporate flavor and spice in my writings, something like Sweet Heat Barbeque.

Twitter: @JeremiahJohns08


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I’m Joe Klingbeil and I’m a sports journalism major at the University of Alabama. I’m a native of Napa, California, but with both of my parents being University of Georgia alumni I love the SEC and all that comes with it–especially football and BBQ. College football is my main focus, but my following consists of college basketball, baseball and MLB. If you’re a fan of any of that or country music, fishing, or Star Wars, give me a follow on Twitter.

Twitter: @J_Klingbeil


Joe Stephens

My name is Joe Stephens, but feel free to call me Branch (don’t ask). I’m from Baton Rouge and I’m a sophomore transfer at LSU majoring in Mass Communications. I spent my freshman year at TCU, being the butt of many One True Champion jokes. I’m writing for the site because I’m 6’6, 170. I’m almost too skinny to type, but I manage. I’m here to drool over Leonard Fournette, Ben Simmons, and Anthony Davis.

Twitter: @branchstephens



I’m Jordan Boni, from Houston, Texas. I was raised a Longhorn until I saw the light and became a first generation Fightin’ Texas Aggie. I was lucky enough to witness the Texans beat the Cowboys in their franchise debut in person, and have enjoyed watching my team struggle to reach a post season ever since. I firmly believe the Rockets are going all the way and that the Astro’s will some day make us proud again. Gordon Bombay is the G.O.A.T.

Twitter: @jordan_boni



I’m Jordan Jenkins from Harris County, Georgia and I will take you down. In anything on the GameCube. I have spent many a night putting cocky 11 year olds in their place. The football gods called me home to Athens and we’re looking forward to teeing it up between the hedges in September. I will be contributing with a consistent video stream. Find me on the field (#59) and on Twitter. Go Dawgs.

Twitter: @JordanOLB


Jordan Sanchez Bio Photo

An aspiring journalists and sportscaster attending the University of Texas. Born and raised in Austin,TX. I’ll be here to cover all things Longhorns football and basketball.

Twitter: @JSanch66


Baton Rouge/LSU born and raised. Oklahoma alumnus. Florida State student. I love talking about sports almost as much as I love playing them. I like basketball more than most people like most things. Data analysis is my passion. Offense sells tickets, defense wins championships. Zone is for cowards.

Twitter: @jeauxypatton


My Names is Josh McClenney, and I’m from Cary, North Carolina. In my first soccer game ever I scored six goals, before my career was cut short by a general lack of athletic talent. Now, I’ve resorted to writing about those whose athletic ability has far surpassed mine. I grew up a die-hard UVA fan, and was nearly disowned by my parents when I decided to take my talents to The University of North Carolina, where my athletic career truly peeked with the winning of an Intramural soccer Championship. I’ve been a Manchester United fan for as long as I can remember, and have known no truer pain that following the United States National Team. Big fan of College Basketball, Soccer, Eastern North Carolina BBQ, and Taco Bell.

Twitter: @jmcclenney


I’m Justin Davies, from America’s finest city San Diego and I’m a junior at the University of Oregon. I’m pursuing a Business Administration degree with a concentration in Sports Business and hope to one day work in branding or become a sports agent. I’ll be your main writer for all things PAC-12, Southern California sports and most importantly soccer.

Twitter: @Jusstincase


Kevin Paul

I’m Kevin Paul and a senior finance and economics major at The University of Alabama, hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A lifelong Saints, Yankees, and Timberwolves fan, I have seen every side of the sports fan spectrum. I have former experience as a staff writer for Roll ‘Bama Roll and am excited to branch out on my own. Follow me on Twitter for the lukewarmiest of lukewarm sports takes.

Twitter: @ColstonLateral



My name is Matt Nesloney. I’m from Clutch City, TX, I’m 22 years young, and I have my cousin Jason’s car for two more weeks. I have one testicle (whack-a-mole accident), and I’m down to clown. Born and raised a Fightin’ Texas Aggie, I respect all core values you’d find at The University of TexHAHAHAHAHAHA, can’t say that with a straight face. However, as an Aggie, you know I’m pretty accustomed to disappointing sports teams. Naturally, after all these years I still find myself a devout Astros/Texans fan, but at least I have #DemRockets. George Springer is bae. My specialty is baseball, but I do enjoy the occasional college football game. Row Tide.

Twitter: @MattNesloney


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Matt Speakman attends the university of Alabama majoring in sports journalism. He enjoys batman a lot. He also enjoys music. He also enjoys water. He also enjoys breathing. You can find a lot of this out by having a conversation with him.

Twitter: @Speakmanmc


Displaying Headshot.jpg

I am a senior at Stanford University majoring in economics and minoring in communication. This past year I worked for my school newspaper covering the baseball team. I also wrote columns, covering additional sporting events such as the final four and deflategate. Having lived just outside of Boston my whole life, I am a diehard Boston sports fan, and support the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins.

Twitter: @WooLetTheDogOut


Nick Halaby

I grew up in Los Angeles and am attending LSU. I grew up following UCLA, the Dodgers and the Lakers. I love sports, especially baseball and college football, and have a passion for writing about them. You could say that I am a purest mixed with a progressive when it comes to traditions and how leagues/teams should be run. I’m a horrible athlete and playing sports isn’t very realistic in my case, so following and covering it is how I become a part of it.

Twitter: @nickyh97


Nick Russell

My name is Nick Russell, from Baton Rouge, LA. I used to be an actual All-American in baseball. Then I tore my rotator cuff, put on twenty pounds, and consumed my first whiskey drink. You win some; you lose some, am I right? Anyway, I am now here as an Armchair All-American, covering the best stories of (ALMOST) success for the Ole Miss Rebels.

Twitter: @nicklausrussell or @armchairnick


My name is Pearce Miller and I currently reside in Mobile, Alabama. I am a freshman at South Alabama studying broadcast journalism. I am originally from Denver, Colorado, so even when the Broncos lose in the Super Bowl, I still bleed orange. Oh, and I like the Nuggets and Rockies, too. You can catch me on the radio broadcasting Jaguar basketball games.

Twitter: @cpmiller18



As the Armchair’s resident Yankee, I deliver to you a fandom of baseball, cold weather, and weird twitter.  I was born in Connecticut, raised in Colorado, and went to high school in New York. Naturally, when given the chance to choose where I wished to live for the first time in my life, I packed my bags and headed directly south for the bright lights and warm weather of the University of Alabama and my beloved Crimson Tide.  I bring great experience with six varsity letters in water sports and an ungodly amount of hours spent watching SportsCenter.  Look to me for all your Denver and Boston-based sports needs.  I hope to impart on you the most averagely fresh content and the most lukewarm sports takes around.

Twitter: @RossMulk


Sam Henschel

Originally from South Florida, I am a lifelong suffering Miami Dolphins and Tottenham Hotspur supporter, a recently happy Miami Heat fan, and a newly suffering Vanderbilt student. When not watching sports, you can catch me playing video games, listening to music, or performing random acts of tech support. I’m a big fan of learning random things and putting them to use, and will watch or listen to just about anything at least once (Cricket included).

Twitter: @s_hensch


Displaying IMG_0504.JPG

I’m a member of the swim team at Birmingham-Southern College. I’ve been a Miami Dolphins fan since birth, and when I started watching other sports it only made sense to become a fan of the Miami based teams as well. I have a Conference Champions ring, that’s pretty cool.

Twitter: @Stone_Strankman


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My name is Tanner Nordeen and I hail from Dallas, TEXAS. I had the honor and privilege of hearing The Big Schnitzel (Dirk Nowitzki) sing “We Are the Champions” at the Dallas Mavericks championship parade in 2011 after banishing Bron Bron in the NBA Finals. The biggest tragedy in sports history is the incomplete pass call on Dez Bryant against the Packers in the 2015 playoffs. Fight me if you disagree that #DezCaughtIt. I was raised by two longhorns and have a red raider sibling, but I bleed maroon and I sacrifice my voice to Texas A&M’s Kyle Field every Saturday during the fall. I also belong to more fantasy football leagues than you do. I owned Doug Martin and Peyton Hillis when they were good.

Twitter: @TannerNordeen


Displaying IMG_5257.JPG

I am a born and raised Texas Longhorn fan. I am undeclared at the moment with plans on majoring in Sports Management. Baseball is my passion and I could talk about it all day if I could. I am a huge Astros fan and was at the ’05 NLCS Game 5 where Albert Pujols almost ruined every Astros’ fan’s dreams. I follow all major sports teams in Houston and am big fans of them. Enjoy talking smack to Dallas fans about any of their teams. Hook’Em Horns!

Twitter: @Tyler_King23


Wade Blair

My name is Wade Blair and I am a Political Science major at the University of Tennessee. Born and raised in Knoxville I have seen firsthand the living hell that Vol fans have come to experience this past decade. I am also an Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia 76ers fan so I have become accustomed to seeing twitter hashtags such as “Trust the Process” serve as promises that my teams will not be mired in mediocrity for much longer. Doubt it. Hopefully I can provide some insight into the life of a student on Rocky Top this fall. Between the buttchugging effects and .500 seasons that this university has forced me to endure it’s only right that I share my misery.  Nevertheless, now and always, Go Vols.

Twitter: @WeirdWade7


Displaying Zac_Official.jpg

My name is Zachary Grouev and l live in the sunny, sandy, and altogether too humid, Redneck Riviera if you will, that is Panama City, Florida. Raised a diehard fan of the boys in blue and orange, I lived and breathed University of Florida football for the first 17 years of my life. College came around, and I took my talents (Or lack thereof athletically) to Vanderbilt University, where I currently study mechanical engineering and political science as a sophomore. (Yes, that’s a strange combination. No, I don’t regret a minute of it.) I seem to have missed the years when the Vandy football team was a force to be reckoned with, but hey the basketball boys almost kinda sorta beat Kentucky last year, so hope springs eternal in music city, and I continue to rabidly support Vandy football and basketball. In addition to my college sports I follow the Houston Rockets and a mite bit of boxing, and will be proudly working with the Armchair All-Americans to serve up takes on the Commodores, and maybe more…

Twitter: @Z_Grouev

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